Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Dear friends of wine,

an eventful year is drawing to a close and we take a brief look back:

Yay! On 22 January it is finally so cold that the 2018 Silvaner Eiswein can be harvested! We are happy about our first organic ice wine! The pruning is pending. The first 2018 wines will be filled. We present our winery at the trade fair PROWEIN in Düsseldorf.

April- June: Bending and ground work are the order of the day in the vineyards. On 01 May for the open day we present the 2018 wine series.

July-August: Time to celebrate! Just in the year when the fall of the wall is celebrated for the 30th time, Philipp celebrates his 30th birthday and marries his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Schertenleib from Ostrau/Saxony on July 5th. The rumbling takes place in Flomborn according to old custom. Exactly in this celebration week, daughter Anna Marie gets her dream job in Walldorf. She starts in her new job on September 1st and therefore has time and desire to accompany Mama Ulla to the wine festival in Chemnitz. The celebration continues on 24 August. In Ostrau, Saxony, Alexandra and Philipp get married in church and the whole family enjoys the wonderful days. The grapes ripen very well and it seems to be a good wine year.

September: Bielefeld calls! And immediately afterwards Seligenstadt! Both wine festivals run successfully.
The first grapes are picked. Great grape material!

October: The young wines ferment diligently! On 3 October, at the grape harvest festival, the last grapes are harvested. The harvest is finished early. We are very satisfied with yield and quality!

November: At the winter wine tasting in Chemnitz we can present the Silvaner Eiswein and the "Gold" awarded wines: Riesling Auslese, Riesling Mordhohl, Cuveé 1793. It is the time for wine tours and presentations: Wine tasting in Ostrava, mulled wine festival in Flomborn, Christmas market in Langen.

December: We go to Langen to the Christmas market and to Flomborn on 13.12. for the Christmas glow wine! And then comes the contemplative time!

We thank you for the many pleasant encounters, your purchases and the great togetherness!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start into the 2020!

Kind regards from Flomborn in Rheinhessen
Family Bernhard- Räder

Winery + Guest house Bernhard-Räder
Langgasse 41
D- 55234 Flomborn